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Back-To-Back CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE Awardee for the SME Company of the Year by the Asia CEO Awards (2022 and 2023)

Optimize your life with the help from the Women of OVA VIRTUAL!

168幸运澳洲10更新开奖历史记录 2024开奖澳洲幸运8官方 查询号码 Feel like you are drowning in a mess of appointments? Is your “to do” list always full?

We can take care of it!

Our highly skilled VAs have all the skills needed to handle your work-related and personal needs.

We can accomplish a wide range of tasks:

Succeed in work and life by supercharging your productivity

Be an OVA Virtual client to learn and enjoy the secret behind how successful people are always at the top of their game—having their very own dedicated VA.

With a reliable, highly trained VA you are assured all the minor details—paying the bills, clearing your inbox, scheduling meetings, making needed travel arrangements, etc.—are taken care of while you focus on what matters most.

How it works

how it works ova virtual

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We would love to work with different types of businesses, and we know each one has unique needs.

Let us know your specific requirements and we will provide the best virtual assistant for you and your business.

Meet and approve of your virtual assistant.

After finding out your requirements, we will match you with an exceptional virtual assistant.

Before you sign up, we will endorse and interview the most qualified candidates so you have the freedom to choose which among the women of OVA will be your perfect match.

We want to make sure that you have great rapport with and confidence in the VA whom you would work with.

meet and approved ova virtual
go live track ova virtual

Go live and track

Once you have signed up, we will make sure your VA becomes familiar with your business.

She will learn everything you need—your schedule, your workload, the tools she needs to use to accomplish her tasks and more.

So everything runs smoothly, we will take care of HR and admin, manage time tracking and send you daily reports.

Only the best for you

We hire only well-trained Filipinas who are passionate about providing the best virtual assistance.

Each one undergoes a strict, multi-step vetting process that tests everything from their communication and technical skills to their creativity and resourcefulness.

Many apply, but only the best of the best become OVA Virtual Assistants.

Here are a few of our satisfied clients

Trust us with your to-do list and 直播在线网页-2024澳8记录开奖查询结果 yourself to what matters most

With your very own dedicated VA handling all the little details, you now have all the time you need to focus on what is truly important in your work and life.

Want to stay updated on virtual assistant services? Need to learn more about how to become a virtual assistant?

Knowing as much as possible about virtual assistant services lets you benefit more from the one you would choose or provide.

If you are an entrepreneur, you would know whether the price were fair or how to pick out the best virtual assistant for you and your business.

If you are a virtual assistant, you would be well-equipped to deliver outstanding service.

Instead of spending time looking for the best source of information among the numerous possible choices out there, follow our blog for the latest news, expert tips, interviews with some of the best in the business and more.

female virtual assistant
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Thinking of hiring a dedicated

Virtual Assistant?

2024澳洲幸运八开奖查询号吗现场软件手机版-168澳洲幸运8开奖 achieving your freedom.

Avail of our 10% Discount on the 1st Month of your First Hire and 15% Discount on the 1st Month of your Third Hire!

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