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My Dedicated Virtual Assistant

A dedicated VA is a self-employed professional that provides executive, administrative, technical, and, creative business support to clients from a remote location. Someone who has all your preferred skill-set and will be working just for you on your preferred date and time following your work requirements and responsibilities.
The women of OVA Virtual are physically located in the Philippines and had passed a rigorous assessment such as comprehensive interviews and technology evaluation conducted by our HR Team.
A virtual assistant provides the same type of support as a personal assistant, executive assistant, or social media assistant, however they are not physically located in your office. Administrative work, social media management, bookkeeping, and human resources related tasks are examples of work a virtual assistant can help you with.
Our virtual assistants work conventional business hours, Monday through Fridays, following your preferred time zone. VAs are not required or expected to work during weekends. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If submitted before/after business hours, your VA will receive the task(s) the following business day to begin working on them.

If you need assistance on the weekends or on holidays, reach out to your assigned project manager and they will arrange support for your business.

Our virtual assistant is monitored on a daily basis by your assigned Project Manager using state of the art software that tracks exactly which tasks your virtual assistant is working on. A daily report is generated showing the following:

  • Time & task tracking
  • Webpage monitoring
  • Screenshot recordings
  • Start & finish time
  • Breaks taken

This will give you the confidence that your dedicated virtual assistant will be 100% productive throughout the day.

Hiring Process

The Philippines is one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world. Manila, Philippines has been ranked number four in the 2017 Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations. From BPO companies to working from home, many Filipino professionals have experience working for an offshore client. Chances are, your VA has worked with overseas clients before and provided similar services that you’re looking for. In addition, Filipinos are known to be as hardworking, loyal, and always have a positive disposition in life. You can never go wrong in getting the most cost effective solution for your business the way Filipino can provide.
Once the paperwork is completed, we aim to have a fully trained virtual assistant in your business within one to two weeks. This mainly depends on the complexity of your needs and requirements.
Of course, you can hire more than 1 VA for your business depending on the skill-set that you require and for what areas of business they will be specifically assigned. Some of our clients hire 2-4 virtual assistants for different areas of their business.
Once you are done with the phone consultation with one of our Client Support team and has the task requirements & work instructions list ready, HR team will now start sourcing the VA that perfectly matches your skill requirements. The resume of these endorsed VA’s will then be forwarded to your email for advance review prior to your scheduled interview with the endorsed candidates. You get a chance to review their professional experience, work accomplishments and personal assessment result before conducting a phone interview facilitated by your designated Client Support Officer.
Once you have made up your mind and finally decided who your hired VA will be, we then send you an invoice for your chosen plan via email that you can pay with your Paypal account or credit card. A payment confirmation receipt will be sent via email and then we will start working on creating the work credentials for your hired VA such as Skype calling plan, email account and time tracking software that will be sent on your email too. We will then call you for a quick HR Orientation before the initial handoff to ensure a smooth working relationship with your hired VA.
Although this doesn’t happen very often, occasionally an assistant is not a good fit for our client. When this happens, no problem, just reach out to your project manager to discuss the situation. After learning more of your business requirements, our HR Team will then start finding your perfect pair with ease at the quickest time possible, FREE of Charge!
All virtual assistants are on a probationary period within the first 3 months of work, during which time you are able to terminate them by providing 24 hours notice. After three months, 14 days notice is required to terminate.

Billing Information

For companies located in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and UK are billed in Australian Dollars (AUD). For companies located in the United States, Canada and elsewhere are billed in US Dollars (USD).
Your first invoice is for the remaining work days for that month. This must be paid prior to your staff’s start-date. On the 1st of each month, you will receive an invoice for 1 month in advance with adjustments for actual hours worked in the previous month. As you can appreciate, it is very important that all contractors are paid on time and with no delays.
Credit Card or International Bank Transfer
You are only required to pay for hours worked, as there is no obligation to pay sick days or holidays. However, if you would like to provide compensation to virtual assistant for time off, you are welcome to do so.

As we encourage work-life balance, OVA VIRTUAL observes major Philippine holidays. Your virtual assistant will be spending quality time with family and friends on these occasions during the year:

  • January 1- New Year’s Day
  • April 9- The Day of Valor
  • May 1- Labor Day
  • June 12- Independence Day
  • August 27- National Heroes Day
  • November 30- Bonifacio Day
  • December 24- Christmas Eve
  • December 25- Christmas Day
  • December 30- Rizal Day
  • December 31- New Year’s Eve
Virtual assistants are required to seek client approval for any paid overtime. You may coordinate with your designated project manager in case you overtime will be required.
Yes. We will provide you with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for you to sign. On the other hand, your virtual assistant will sign the Independent Contractor Agreement with us so they will be aware of the scope of their roles and responsibilities, liabilities, and confidentiality policies.

Our Difference

Safety and Security

While all of our virtual assistant shared a common value of being trustworthy and all did go through a rigorous interview and vetting process, we recommend that you first establish a working relationship with your virtual assistant so that you feel comfortable before you share this type of information. Treat your virtual assistant as you would a new employee and build up trust as you get to know them better. If you do decide to divulge confidential information, do it methodically and one step at a time, and we recommend that you use a secure sharing system for passwords and credit card information, such as Lastpass.
All the women of OVA VIRTUAL have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) covering the protection of your information and intellectual property. In addition, take advantage of cloud technologies and save information and files on cloud-based platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive. This means that your sensitive information is stored centrally rather than on an individual’s personal computer.

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