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Digital Habits of Successful People (Infographic)

In a previous blog, we talked about the different ways that virtual assistants can outperform office workers, and they’ll need to be relatively successful in their line of work to do better than regular office workers. Successful on-site staff will always be better than virtual assistants who don’t have their act together. VAs will need to develop several digital habits to remain competitive in their field and prove their worth to their clients. This is important because businesses will want to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines who is successful in the industry.

According to a study by ResumeLab on the tech habits of highly successful people, where 1,000 professionals were interviewed, success was most believed to be defined by three life aspects: physical, family, and mental health. In addition to that, female respondents were more likely to include income as a factor of success. It’s safe to say that success is defined by one’s income, physical health, family status, and mental health. Developing digital habits to be successful is necessary today, especially since nearly everyone is dependent on different digital devices.

People use digital devices for both work and leisure, to the point that they can easily get distracted from work or get burdened by seeing work-related messages while resting and other things. Successful people, including virtual assistants and remote workers, know how to keep themselves focused on either work or relaxing and not deal with unnecessary things thanks to their habits. Among them are the following:

Digital Habits of Successful People (Infographic)

Optimize Daily Digital Life

Everyone’s lives are full of routines, and routines can impact a person’s personality and tendencies. More than half of the accomplished respondents in ResumeLab’s study said they charged their devices while they slept, kept their desktops clean of clutter, took breaks from social media, and ran antivirus software. About 1 in 5 people avoided screen time before bed, and 1 in 10 used standing desks while working.

Investing in a reliable standing desk may be costly for some Filipino virtual assistants, but the other habits are easy enough to do even without spending money.

Leave The Phone Alone in the Morning

The only thing that most successful people use their phones for early in the morning is as an alarm, and they only touch it again to check on messages after their morning routines. Doing this allows people to control their day and have the time necessary to decide how they’ll spend the day after waking up.

Also, leaving the phone alone after any morning rituals effectively keep people from having bad days early in the day after reading bad news, work-related messages, and other stressors in social media or messaging apps.


Turn Off Notifications

Notifications will always distract people whenever they pop up, and successful people turn off all the non-essential notifications on their phones when doing something important. The phone will light up whenever people get a friend request, a suggested item from an e-commerce company, or a suggested show from Netflix, and it can become a distraction.

Turning off notifications keeps people from getting tempted to look at their phones while working. This also contributes to improving work performance.

Not checking notifications might also help people stop looking at their phones every few minutes and wasting time instead of working.

Unplug Outside of Work

Remote workers, virtual assistants, and digital entrepreneurs might feel that they’re connected to their work or business, especially since they can stay updated through their phones. Most people do this every day and get stressed during their rest days.

Having this level of control over one’s work or business might seem to be appealing for some people, but the long-term effects are devastating. Successful people disconnect from work once work hours are over and instead use their free time to strengthen their skills, consume quality content, network, or enjoy.

Successful people know how to live life to the fullest, inside and outside work.

Setting the Phone to Black and White

All digital devices are engineered to be addictive and get people to use them more. One reason this is the case is that everything on the phone is in color.

The matter of the color making the phone addicting is revealed by Tristan Harris, Silicon Valley insider and non-profit founder. He likened the phone’s allure to that of colorful slot machines. Everything looks more enticing because of the color, but enabling grayscale on the phone can help because browsing the internet becomes less fun.

Keep as much Tech Out of the Bedroom as Possible

The human body is wired to respond to natural light. The constant bombardment of artificial light from various digital devices revs up the brain and pumps hormones to keep people alert and anxious. It’s common for people to wonder why they’re having difficulty sleeping after playing games on their phones while in bed.

People can sleep better once they stop using their devices at a certain time. Exposure to blue light suppresses melatonin production, a hormone released by the pineal gland at night, which is also associated with controlling the sleep and wake cycle. This means that no digital devices after 8:00 p.m., including work messages.


Most people work remotely, and some of them have started working as freelancers, and they’ll need to know how to become successful. Businesses relying on virtual assistant services Philippines will want to have VAs successful in their industries and their lives.

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